Nov 23, 2017 How to connect my iPhone to my laptop - Quora Follow these steps to manually sync the content from your laptop to your iOS device: 1. Open iTunes. 2. Connect your device to your laptop using the included USB cable. 3. Click on the device icon . 4. Click the content type that you w 5 Ways To Fix IPhone Not Connecting To Computer USB

How to set up a Personal Hotspot on your iPhone or iPad

mobile - When connecting laptop to internet through VPN The objective is to connect a laptop to the internet through a VPN via a mobile phone's hotspot or USB cable. Should the VPN be activated on the laptop, on the phone, or both? Secondarily, is using a USB cable substantially safer than a password-protected hotspot? OSX and Android. Internet via Iphone [Solved] - iPhone - CCM

A personal hotspot turns the iPhone into a WiFi router that allows users to connect WiFi devices to the Internet through the iPhone. This includes notebooks, tablets, portable game consoles and more. Be careful as tethering, as this is often called, can use data much faster than on the iPhone.

Where on tethering you can connect to only one PC at a time but using the hotspot feature, you can access the internet from multiple devices in a particular range of that SSID. How to Connect iPhone Internet to Laptop? If you are using iOS devices then the process is going to be really simple. How to connect my android phone to the internet through my Yes, you can connect your Android Device to Internet through your Laptop. Want to know how? Let’s see step by step detailed guide:- * 1. First Go to start button and you need to Run CMD there. and you need to right click on CMD and click on “Run a USB tethering doesn't work on Windows… - Apple Community Dec 19, 2017 Dell Inspiron won't connect to my iPhone hotspot - Dell