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6. Restart your D-Link router. How to block Google DNS on D-Link Router. Note: If your D-Link Router allows for LAN based static router, you have to change the Interface in step 6 of this guide from WAN to LAN to successfully block Google DNS on your D-Link Router. Nov 27, 2016 · HI TECHIES CHECK OUT HOW TO SETUP D-LINK ROUTER AS REPEATER Check out How to Setup Tp lInk Router as Repeater https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PtJLjV6RO4 Apr 04, 2016 · D-Link wifi router (DIR-600M) Setup Set up Router (D-link) Wi-Fi password Part 2 -- Set up New Network & Wi-Fi password HOW TO SETUP : D-Link DIR-600M Wireless N150 Home Router 3. Wait 15 seconds before resuming setup. 4. Your D-Link DI-624 router is now using the default settings for the network configuration. This includes the default SSID and WEP encryption key. You must re-configure your D-Link router to match the previous settings that were assigned to all the other devices on your wireless network.

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