"Can't Connect To Your DHCP Server" *Solution* - Xbox One

Not being able to connect to Xbox Live using an Ethernet Cable). *Solution: Firstly go to Test Network > Advanced Settings > Mac Address > Clear ( it should ask you to restart your console. Wait for the restart. After a couple minutes unplug the Ethernet cable and plug your modem directly into your PC/laptop & open the command prompt (windows Ashbeard error cannot connect to Xbox Live :: Sea of same problem here, withoiut white box.. IT Microsoft game, on windows by microsoft, it canot make that easy ? I spent 4 hours trying to solve it, the lovely support guy from Microsoft suggested that I reinstall windows to see if that "fixes" the problem. Your Console cant connect to xbox live error - Xbox 360 For Xbox 360 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Your Console cant connect to xbox live error".

alright i have one friend that we have been trying to play some halo 3 or ncaa 08 together but it wont let us connect. we can send messages and what not but it wont even let us join each others

Help i cant connect to xbox live. - Call of Duty: Black Ops II I try to connect, says i cant connect and to test my connection. I goto test my connection says everything is fine and i can connect to xbox live. So i go try to log into xbox live, and it says i cant connect and i should test my connection. glad im not the only one this is happening to. Xbox 360 cannot connect to xbox live. - Xbox 360 Message

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Xbox NA cannot connect to XBox live — Elder Scrolls Online I and a friend, opposite sides of the continent, both getting multiple cannot connect to xbox live messages. have quit the build, reset xboxes. still the same message. We ARE connected to xbox obviously because we can chat and use other games /apps. This is not our issue / router / set up. This is you ZOS. Fix your systems and servers.